Trane Air Filters

Trane Air Filters

Clear the Air Cooling & Heating

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Enjoy Up to 99.98% Cleaner Air with Trane Air Filters

The Trane Clean Effects air filtration systems is like no other. You and your family can breath 99.98% allergen free air inside your home. This advanced air cleaner is 8 times more effective than the leading HEPA filters.

Electrically charged corona fields give passing particles a charge that allows these minute specks of dust and contaminants to collect in the unit. The micro layers of the collection filter trap these particles before they can enter your ventilation system. These filters are cleanable so they don’t even need to be replaced.

Clear The Air Commerical Air Quality

Contact us today about installing this great air filtration system in your Friendswood area home.

Indoor Air Quality At It’s Best

Here in Houston, as elsewhere, indoor air quality is a growing concern for most home owners. Today’s energy efficient homes are far more air tight than in the past leading to higher accumulations of dust and other contaminants. The Clean Effects system is the perfect solution and the best one on the market today, by a wide margin.

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