Clearing the HVAC Rumors

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Keep Your Home Cool—Without Caving to Common Misconceptions

Clear The Air Cooling & Heating does more than simply, well, clear your air. We believe that superior HVAC service in the Friendswood area delivers not only home comfort improvements, but also valuable information.

And truth be told, there’s quite a few cooling myths that seem to spread like wildfire each season.

Rather than contribute to the rumor mill, our team wants to set the record straight once and for all. This way, you can steer clear of others’ mistakes and get your AC unit in tip-top shape for summer.

Functional Does Not Necessarily Mean Healthy

If a person’s health could be assessed by their ability to get through the day, physicians would be out of business. Someone that appears perfectly fine on the outside could actually have a serious health issue.

Likewise, an air conditioner that provides cool air can have all kinds of problems upon closer examination. Similar to how a potentially terminal disease can be treated if caught in time, it is much more beneficial (and affordable) to fix your AC unit when the problems are detected earlier.

As a Clear Advantage Member, our team looks after your system on your behalf. With our thorough tune-ups, you can rest assured that your air conditioner is as healthy as it appears to be.

Minimal Upkeep Leads to Minimal Performance

The effort that you put into your AC unit is reflected in your system’s performance. Many homeowners believe that simply changing the air filter is enough maintenance work.

However, after repairing thousands of air conditioners in the Bay Area and Houston area, we’ve learned firsthand that air conditioners require more extensive upkeep.

That’s why, during a Factory Fresh Tune-up, our technicians test each component to ensure that everything is in full working order.

Some of the services that we provide for Clear Advantage Members include checking:

Uneven Temperatures Can Be Remedied

Home comfort does not mean that only certain portions of your home feel cozy. When your rooms remain either too hot or too cold, it creates an unpleasant feeling of instability.

As certified Trane dealers, our team at Clear The Air can provide thermostat and zoning solutions that will keep you feeling comfortable in every area of your home.

Service Contracts Keep Your System Going Strong

Just as homework kept your brain sharp during school, regular maintenance keeps your AC unit at the top of its game. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not realize the importance of routine tune-ups—that is, until they are forced to replace their system prematurely.

When one of our NATE-certified technicians services your AC unit, we give your system the structure that it needs to thrive.

With your Clear Advantage Membership, you can count on:

Redefine Your Home Comfort with Clear the Air

To choose the most promising path for your AC unit so that it will prosper this season, fill out our online form or call Clear The Air Cooling & Heating at 281.860.2768 today.

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