You’ve probably seen the ads that promise a “Complete Air Conditioning or Furnace Tune-Up for $19.95” and you’ve probably wondered things like:

“How can companies offer air conditioning & heating tune-ups for $20, $30 or even $40”


“Wouldn’t it cost more than that just to drive a service truck to my house?”

Well guess what? It does!

The answer is, many customers end up paying a lot more in the end than that low, hard-to-resist advertised price…

There are some honest companies that use a low price to attract new customers. They’re willing to do a great job and take a loss on their first contact with you in the hope that you’ll continue to use them again and again. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But some companies have a different agenda. Some offer the ridiculously low priced tune-up and then send a “technician” to your home to perform a very basic clean and check. That tech is trained to up-sell you on often unnecessary repairs or even a complete replacement of your system. At best you end up with a shoddy “tune-up”. At worst, a big repair bill.

Our Tune-up is different. When you call us, we’ll send a NATE certified technician to your home for a complete and thorough tune-up that will ensure your system is in peak operating condition. If we discover any problems, we’ll quote you an up-front price from our price book and even offer you a seasonal guarantee. We can’t do what we do for $19.95, but we can promise you a fair price for an honest service.


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