It’s not often I win something, but in this case, we gave it a good shot and actually won!

photo 2

It started out as just a redesign of our website. It was old and dull. We were looking to bring it to life with a refresh. Sort of like a spring cleaning. I didn’t know it was going to span far beyond just a redesign of our website.

During the planning stage to redesigning the website, it was mentioned that a refresh of our brand should be considered. One thing led to another and we ended up with everything being rebranded. From the business cards to the letterhead to the fleet design to the website.

After going through many meetings to reviewing drawings and mock-ups, we knew we were on to something….something really cool (no pun intended). Through the guidance of our marketing company, we forged ahead with what you see now.

photo 3

After all of the blood, sweat and tears (not really)…. we WON! HVACRBusiness Magazine recognized our new branding and thought it was “cool” also. Cool enough to be featured on the front page and have a neat little write-up done about our company. Overall, this experience has been challenging but very enjoyable.

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