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Furnace Maintenance

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A Little TLC Maintenance For Your Pearland, TX Furnace

Your furnace is just like any other machine or appliance - in order to get the most out of it, you need to look after it. By performing routine furnace maintenance and tune-ups on your furnace, you can minimize expensive breakdowns, reduce energy costs by as much as 10%, and prolong the lifespan of your heating system.

For your peace of mind, Clear the Air offers a range of furnace maintenance services that are tailored to your budget and system type. From thorough inspections to precision tune-ups to safety checks, our team will ensure that your HVAC system is running smoothly and efficiently.

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What is included in a furnace tune-up?

There are many more steps than this, but here are some of the main things included in a complete tune-up.

The inspection of your heat exchanger by our HVAC technicians is one of the crucial steps of a tune-up. They check to make sure the gas transfers are safe. A heat exchanger can function properly despite having tiny hairline cracks. However, it is the technician's duty to inform you of the heat exchanger's condition and whether any cracks could result in an unsafe living environment.

We'll look for any buildup of dust, debris, or other materials on the outside of the appliance. Every one of our technicians carries a vacuum with them so they can clean your furnace and get it as close to factory-clean as they can.

Additionally, the burner compartment will be checked, and the majority of its components will be removed so that it can be thoroughly cleaned. There are numerous safety features in contemporary burner compartments, some of which can be activated by something as small as a spider web. The main justification for our meticulous cleaning of them is this. We want our customers to know that all of their burners are safely operating without even a spider web getting in the way.

Remember, this is in no way an extensive list, but an overall view of some of the more crucial steps in our inspection.

Does furnace tune-up include cleaning?

An inspection and cleaning of your system are part of a furnace tune-up, also referred to as heating maintenance, to make sure every part is operating as efficiently as possible. An HVAC specialist will then be able to determine whether any components, like an outdated and rusted heat exchanger or a worn-out blower motor, need to be replaced before they fail. Additionally, by cleaning your furnace frequently, you can prevent problems with your HVAC system caused by a clogged drain line or a dirty air filter. You can also identify any potential issues early on.

How do I know if my furnace needs a tune-up?

The most common indication that your heating system needs maintenance is when the level of comfort in your home decreases from what it should be. Your heating system requires a professional inspection if you frequently adjust the thermostat settings but are still unable to achieve a certain level of comfort in your home.

In some rooms, these effects might not be apparent. You might notice that one room is comfortably warming up while the other is still chilly. An experienced technician can identify the issue and stop it from spreading.

Save Money & Save Yourself From Headaches

HVAC system maintenance is an essential part of keeping your home comfortable and safe. Whether you own an older furnace or a newer model, regular furnace tune-ups can help to ensure that it is running at peak efficiency and that there are no problems with its operation. This will not only improve the overall performance of your furnace, but it can also help to extend its lifespan and avoid expensive repairs down the road.

Additionally, heater tune-ups can often help to identify potential issues with your furnace before they become more serious problems. So if you want to keep your heating system reliable and effective all year long, be sure to schedule regular furnace maintenance appointments with a qualified technician from Clear the Air. With just a bit of regular care, your furnace will stay in top condition for years to come!

Schedule Heating Maintenance Services For Long-Lasting Comfort

At Clear the Air, we know how to fix small problems before they lead to costly repairs or breakdowns. Our NATE-certified team is committed to protecting your investment, keeping your home and family safe, and helping you save money. To learn more about the benefits of routine furnace maintenance or to speak with a team member, message us online or call 281-612-1031 today!

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