Houston Athletes at Beijing Olympics

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Are you following any of the Olympic Games from Beijing? Did you see that opening ceremony? Amazing!

I wanted to watch it again online but took forever to find decent footage anywhere. Opening ceremonies videos are being pulled from YouTube. NBC.com, who is supposed to be the only one with the rights to broadcast Olympics coverage in the US, has an archived video of the opening ceremonies but it was hard to find and it’s only highlights. Here is the link to their video archive.

We did some Googling around and it was much easier to find a number of athletes from the Houston area that are competing in Beijing. Here is the list we compiled;

That’s what we could find, If you know of anymore from Houston Metro drop a note in the comments below. We wish them, and the entire TEAM USA the best of luck in China. Bring home some gold!

Update & Medal Count

We have some medals! 🙂

Looks like our Houston area athletes really did well overall. A high percentage of them brought back medals. Congrats to all of them!

China certainly did put on a great Olympic Games. Again the closing ceremonies were a spectacular display.

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