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How to Prevent Dust in the Home

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It’s not an uncommon thought—what's just a little bit of dust swept under the rug? Unfortunately, though, it can quickly accumulate. When there’s a little bit, there is surely more to follow—unless you take control of it beforehand.
But, how do you get rid of dust that keeps coming back? The first step in dust prevention is to attack it exactly where it begins.
Dust is an accumulation of small particles, including tiny bits of cloth fibers, paper, hair, skin cells, dirt and more. By allowing all of those particles to build up, you’re subjecting your family to an increased risk of allergies and other serious health problems. And while there's no way to totally eliminate dust from your home (or your life), there are ways and techniques to fight it and dramatically reduce the level of dust that you and your loved ones breathe in daily.

Preventing Dust in Your Home

  1. Minimize collecting items that gather dust easily. This is essential, especially in rooms where you spend most of your time time, such as your bedroom or your living room. This simple step will help to instantly improve your home’s indoor air quality.
  2. Are you allergic to dust mites? Do you wake up with a stuffy nose? Think about covering your mattresses and pillows in zippered covers that reduce allergens. Then, wash the covers in hot water every four to six months.
  3. Place heavy-duty commercial doormats outside of every entrance door to your home. Use the rubber kind for the best results.
  4. Place air purifiers in heavy traffic areas to help soak up dust before it settles down. Avoid ionic air cleaners, as they discharge ozone. Instead, opt for fan-powered cleaners, which can range from$70 to $250 in cost.
  5. Keep the humidity level in your residence between 40% and 50% to reduce static. Static attracts dust and makes it much more difficult to clean up.
  6. Cheap furnace/air-conditioning filters (such as fiberglass) do little to prevent dust. So, purchase pleated filters with a higher MERV rating (Mean Efficiency Reporting Value), while making sure that the one you select doesn’t surpass your furnace's abilities. For guidance, ask a furnace maintenance or repair professional for advice.
  7. Wood, plastic or metal blinds are much easier to clean than drapes. Just begin wiping with a microfiber cloth or a duster. If you have drapes, dust or vacuum the rods, then begin cleaning the length with your vacuum's brush or any other upholstery tool on lower suction.
  8. Don't use fabric softener or dryer sheets on your cleaning rags or microfiber cloths; it reduces their ability to attract and hold dust and absorb liquids.

Hire A Professional to Clear the Air

If you scheduled air quality testing in your home right now, you’d be amazed to see just how polluted your indoor air really is. In fact, it could be four to fives times worse than outdoor air. That’s why Clear the Air, a leading Heating & Air Conditioning company in Houston, TX can assist you by installing an air filtration system. Call us today at 281-247-0955 for a quote!

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