If you’re a parent, it can be tough to tell when your child is sick, and it can be very difficult (especially for first-time parents) to tell the difference between a seasonal cold or allergies. A whopping 40% of children suffer from allergies; many of these allergic attacks can be triggered by indoor pollutants like mold, tobacco, pet dander, pollen, and dust. If you’re having trouble telling if your little one’s cold is just a case of the sniffles or allergies, try searching for these three common symptoms of allergies in young and school-aged children:

  • Ear infections. An allergy attack occurs when the body overreacts to common household substances like pollen or mold particles. This causes a flooding of the immune system, which can lead to fluid buildup in the ears and nose. If your child frequently complains of their ears feeling “stuffed up” or “heavy,” chances are that they are suffering from allergies.
  • Skin rashes or hives. Some children with severe allergies can have a skin reaction when they come in contact with a substance they are allergic to. Rashes and eczema outbreaks are not common symptoms of the standard cold; if your child frequently breaks out in a rash when at home, call your doctor or speak to an allergy specialist.
  • Specific triggers. Does your child seem to always come home sick when he spends the night at a friend’s house with pets? Does your daughter always seem to get sick after playing outdoors for more than a few hours? Keeping note of when your child’s illnesses occur can help you point to a specific cause – and if he or she is frequently ill, the cause is typically an allergy.

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