What to Do After a Hurricane Hits

Mother Nature can’t be controlled—especially when it comes to a hurricane. With violent winds and heavy rainfall, this natural disaster wreaks havoc on anything and everything that stands in its path.

Unfortunately, the Houston area just experienced this fury firsthand with Hurricane Harvey. From flooded streets to damaged homes to widespread power outages, our community is devastated. Nevertheless, we are resilient. Together, we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and heal.

And, in the wake of the devastation, Clear the Air Cooling & Heating is the HVAC company in Houston, TX that’s here to help bring a level of comfort back to your life—starting with your home’s HVAC unit.

When the Storm Passes

While it’s been a few weeks since Hurricane Harvey ravaged our state, people in the affected areas are still dealing with its aftermath. As you return to your homes and begin to rebuild and repair, there are several crucial steps that you should take to protect you, your family and your HVAC system.

  • Don’t flip the ‘On’ switch. Don’t turn on your HVAC unit as soon as the storm passes; this is vital. First, carefully inspect the entire unit for any damages and remove any debris. If everything seems clear, you can turn it on. With that said, if you have any doubt as to whether it is safe to turn the unit back on, you should contact our Clear the Air Cooling & Heating technicians to inspect your system.
  • Check for flooding. Due to Hurricane Harvey’s record-breaking rainfall, it is very likely that your unit is flooded. Of course, flooding of any kind will need to be tended to by a professional. However, flooding with salt water needs even greater attention to be cleaned properly and efficiently.
  • Clean the tubes. Flooding from a storm of this magnitude allows water to enter your unit, which may cause mold and bacteria to grow inside of your system. So, before using your comfort system, the tubes must be thoroughly cleaned to protect you and your indoor air quality.
  • Measure the airflow. After a natural disaster, your unit’s airflow may be hindered or completely blocked. Thankfully, the Clear the Air Cooling & Heating team has the expertise and experience to measure and check your unit’s airflow to determine whether it matches the expected airflow. If not, our experts will promptly repair it.
  • Replace broken sensors. Failed sensors have a major impact on your HVAC unit’s performance. So, hiring a professional to carefully fix these sensors before operating your unit will prevent a small problem from escalating into a costly catastrophe. It will also protect your budget from higher energy bills.

Here for You, Whenever You Need Us

Natural disasters, like Hurricane Harvey, are upsetting experiences for everyone involved. Our Clear the Air Cooling & Heating team understands that the emotional toll that it has brought can sometimes feel even more overwhelming than the financial strains.

But, we’re here to help.

Proudly offering 24/7 emergency services, including air conditioning and furnace repairs in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas, Clear the Air Cooling & Heating’s technicians are working around the clock to help Houston homeowners bring comfort back into their homes and their lives.

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