If you’re like most homeowners, you like it when your appliances work properly – and one of your most important appliances in your home is probably your air conditioning unit! While we probably won’t be seeing snow in Texas, you still need to get your AC ready to chill out during the end of the year. Taking the time to properly ensure that an outdoor AC unit is properly prepared for winter can mean the difference between having air conditioning on the first warm day of spring or calling for HVAC contractors in Houston, TX. Follow these three simple steps to perfectly prepare your AC unit for the upcoming winter season, and enjoy an easier time come spring!

  • Get any remaining fixes finished. Leaving your AC unit in disrepair over a cold and snowy season is almost guaranteed to make the problem worse in the coming year. Double check that your system is working efficiently, and if it isn’t, call your favorite local company providing AC repairs in League City, TX before continuing on with the winter preparation process.
  • Clean it off. If your AC unit is located in your yard, it’s probably been covered in dirt, debris, and bugs after a long and hot Texas summer. Take the time to wash off the unit with a hose or wipe down with a damp cloth. It’ll save you time and frustration when it’s ready to be unveiled next year.
  • Cover your unit. Covering your unit does two things to help your system. First, it keeps the dangers of winter away from the inside mechanics of the machine – animals, winds, and freezing rain can all harm your AC unit when you least expect it. In addition to added protection, the cover helps to deter thieves who may be looking for AC units to ransack for copper wiring – a task that tends to be easier when exterior units have been turned off for the winter, as it makes homeowners less likely to notice that there’s an issue.

This season, do your future self a favor and make sure that your AC units are clean, maintained, and ready to go into winter hibernation! To learn more about our HVAC services, give us a call at 832-224-5595.

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