Keep Your Home Energy Efficient This Spring

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Think Smart and Strategize for Seasonal HVAC Savings

There’s no beating around the bush: the heat in Friendswood is unforgiving. Forget about fatigue, traffic and work—during the hottest months of the year, the biggest battle lies between you and the heat.

Before retreating to nearby stores that always feel cooler than your home, you can fight back (without having to shell out serious cash).

At Clear the Air, we want to help you clear the score. This season, you can start fresh with a blank slate and make small changes for major impact. Your appliances, your family, and most importantly, your utility bills will thank you for it.

Reassemble with New Spring Habits

Adjusting to change rarely comes easily. But with the right discipline and persistence, you can substantially improve your cooling comfort in the simplest of ways.

To bring the temperatures down this season, consider:

Unleash Your Secret Weapon: An Upgraded Central AC

Shifting your habits this spring is like regrouping before the final showdown. But in order to really hit home and conquer the heat, you need a sidekick that specializes in this kind of fight.

That’s when you know it’s time to form an alliance with Clear the Air.

No matter what kind of shape your current system is in, our NATE-certified technicians are here to deliver victory. Providing foolproof AC repair near Friendswood, maintenance and replacement & installation services, our experts work with your specific needs and budget to promote energy-efficiency in every way possible. Offering our repair services 24/7, we never we never let the tables turn in your ongoing temperature war.

Proud of our status as a Trane equipment dealer, we can replace your older unit and set your home up with a new, superior system. This way, your central AC will operate at peak performance—with the added bonus of more money in your pocket.

To ensure that your current system is at the top of its game, our valued maintenance service will give your central AC the fine-tuning it needs to overpower the heat. Our targeted system upkeep not only keeps your system going full force, but it also guarantees that your central AC is working at maximum efficiency.

End Your Hardships with Clear the Air

To send your air conditioning comfort through the roof (while keeping the cool air in), fill out our online form or call Clear the Air Cooling & Heating at 281.862.8104 today.

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