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Tips on Lowering Your Energy Bill & Gaining Peace of Mind

From creating a detailed packing list to getting ahead on your workload, your upcoming vacation has been consuming your mind (and actions) for the past few months. Thankfully, though, it’s finally here. That means it’s time to wipe the sweat from your brow and enjoy some much-deserved R&R away from your air-conditioned Houston home.

However, as you place the last luggage bag in your car, you can’t seem to shake this feeling that you’re forgetting something.

But, what is it?

As many of us know, there’s more that goes into a vacation to-do list than just what to bring. It often includes cleaning your home, securing a pet sitter or kennel—and, of course, protecting your home’s energy efficiency.

At Clear the Air Cooling & Heating, we believe that you deserve not just your hard-earned vacation, but also a well-deserved break from high energy bill costs. That’s why our certified technicians are here to help you enjoy your retreat and lessen your dreadful return to reality—one energy- and cost-savings tip at a time.

Keep Your Cool

Many homeowners falsely believe that, in order to save money while they’re away, he or she must turn their air conditioning system completely off until they return home. However, this is not always the case.

Air conditioning does more than supply your home with chilled relief. It also dehumidifies your home on hot and humid days, which prevents furniture from attaining mold and wood flooring from bowing; protects your home’s appliances and electronics from the damage that’s caused by extreme heat; and improves your home’s indoor air quality. So, before you reach for the thermostat’s off-switch, think about the potential harms that could arise while you’re away.

The Home Efficiency Travel Agents

If you had the opportunity to save money while you’re on vacation, would you take it? Well, thanks to Clear the Air Cooling & Heating’s team, you can. From permanent changes to quick fixes, our experts have tips that can halt high-energy bills—and protect your peace of mind.

The Departure of Low AC Temperatures

Typically, the temperature of your thermostat is driven to meet your comfort needs, rather than your cooling system’s preferences. But, while you’re away, it’s time to focus on keeping your unit running at peak performance. So, rather than turning your AC off, set your system to the preferred 78 degrees. This allows you to retain the benefits of AC, while also giving your unit (and your budget) the break it needs.

Guide to At-Home Sightseeing

Vacations aren’t always about relaxation. In fact, they often include stepping out of your comfort zone to explore new sights and experience exhilarating adventures.

However, you don’t need to be in a different country or state to step out of your comfort zone. In fact, you can take a leap into the unknown from the comfort of your home. How so? Replace your heat-generating light bulbs with energy-efficient, non-heat-generating ones. This switch will lower the amount of heat that’s circulating into your home, while also using less energy to operate them. This leads to a lower energy bill and a cooler home—all year long.

To take the savings a step further, turn off all of the lights while you’re away—and keep them off until you return.

Outlet Getaway

Often, the most exciting part of vacation is the anticipation of getting away: from work, from life’s stresses, and from the reality of your high energy bill. However, there’s a way to return home to an easier-to-face utility bill: unplug your appliances before you leave. Even though you are not using your microwave or toaster (or other device) while you are gone, electronics and appliances that remain plugged into outlets are still consuming your home’s energy—and are sailing away with its efficiency and its potential for lower bill costs.

Sunscreen: SPF 100

You have heard it over and over: “Don’t forget to put on sunscreen!” Back in the day, you would attempt to get by without it; however, you quickly learned that the sun is strong and without sunscreen, your vulnerable skin doesn’t stand a chance. Even more—from the metal arms of your beach chair to the carpet that’s underneath the window in your living room—you’ve found that your skin isn’t the only thing that is defenseless against the sun. That’s why, before you leave, it’s important to lather up your home with its own form of sunblock: close the shades and blinds, and draw the drapes. This action will prevent the sun’s hot rays from entering and warming your home, and stop your cooling system from working endlessly to combat the invasion of added heat.

AC Maintenance Reservations

Whether it’s reservations for a hotel or a specific travel route that’s pre-mapped out, there’s always a plan in place before your foot hits the gas pedal. This vacation, extend that plan to cover the wellbeing of your HVAC unit.

At Clear the Air Cooling & Heating, our professionals perform proficient air conditioning maintenance services in Houston, TX to ensure that your cooling unit continues to operate at peak performance—all summer long. So, kick off your vacation the right way by taking care of your unit to gain peace of mind before your trip even begins.

Return to Reality

Coming home is bittersweet. Though it was nice to get away for a bit, it’s time to unpack and return to reality. You open the drapes, reconnect the appliances with their outlets, and lower your AC to the temperature that meets your contentment (rather than your home’s).

Nevertheless, just because your vacation has ended, that does not mean that the attention you’re giving your AC unit has to. In fact, whether you’re in need of an AC repair in Houston, TX, or an air conditioning check-up in the surrounding areas, Clear the Air Cooling & Heating’s team works around the clock to provide your air conditioning unit with the TLC it needs to beat the heat—for good.

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