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Even though it’s known for its warmer climate, Texas still encounters chillier temperatures during the winter months. Whether you are looking for Furnace Repairs in Houston, to Heating Services in Alvin TX, to new furnaces in League City and beyond, Texas residents know that finding a reliable heating solution is equally as important as cooling their home. And so, as the temperatures drop, Texas residents turn toward their furnaces or heat pumps to help keep their home or workspace’s cozy contentment—all winter long.

At Clear the Air Cooling & Heating, our team of certified technicians is dedicated to keeping your home comfortable, no matter what season it is. From a central heating system that ventilates and warms your home, to a reliable stand-alone heating unit that you can cozy up to in any room, our HVAC company will help you find the perfect heating solution that will fit your home’s needs and your budget’s requirements.

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From a furnace installation in Friendswood, TX to a heat pump repair in Houston, TX, Clear the Air Cooling and Heating’s team is equipped with the heating and AC expertise to ensure that you (and your home) never lose your comfort.

Our array of heating services include:

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Exceeding our customers’ expectations means providing the best heating and AC services, while offering the most proficient home and office heating products. That’s why, from furnaces and heat pumps, to air handlers and more, our team only trusts one company for all of our heating and AC system installations and replacements—and that’s Trane.

Whether you choose to heat your home with the power of a gas furnace or the versatility of a heat pump, we certify that, with us, your home will be filled with the warmth and reliability of the best heating system around.

If you’re in need of a versatile and efficient heating solution, then a heat pump may be the best system for you. Heat pumps are designed to work as both an air conditioning unit and a heating system. In the winter, these systems move cool air from inside of your home to outside, and replace it with warm air. Conversely, in the summer, heat pumps work in reverse, moving warm air out of your home and leaving your indoor environment with chilled relief. These systems give you the type of home comfort you desire, exactly when you need it.

A gas furnace is a powerful, efficient heating solution. According to the federal government, all new furnaces are required to have an AFUE minimum efficiency level of 78 percent; however, Clear the Air Cooling & Heating’s furnaces are able to convert more than 90 percent of gases into heat. That means that these systems exceed both the government’s standards and your heating expectations.

So, how do you choose the right heating solution for your home? Well, thankfully, Clear the Air Cooling & Heating’s team is here to help with the decision process. Our certified technicians have the expertise to help you sift through the pros and cons of both systems, and then guide you toward the best heating solution for your unique comfort needs—and your budget.

Be sure to keep in mind that, occasionally, heat pumps can lose their efficiency when outside temperatures drop too low. That’s why, from Alvin, TX, to League City, TX, many residents opt for the installation of a dual system: one that makes use of both a heat pump and a furnace to help achieve unwavering home contentment.

Essentially, this system enables Texas residents to rely on their heat pump until the weather drops to more frigid temperatures. Then, homeowners can switch to their powerful and efficient gas furnace. Of course, even though the heating system may change, the goal remains the same: retain your home comfort, no matter what Mother Nature brings your way.

An air handler, which is the indoor portion of a central cooling and heating system, is designed to circulate your home’s warm and cool air to make for a fresher and easier-to-breath home environment. However, to get the most out of your entire heating system, you must make sure that your air handler properly matches both the size of the rooms that you’re currently heating or cooling, and the strength of your heat pump’s efficiency.

Thankfully, Clear the Air Cooling & Heating’s certified technicians will assist you in finding a properly sized air handling unit to fit your home; and through our proper system installation, we will ensure that your next heating or AC season is a breath of fresh air.

From a furnace repair in Friendswood, TX to a heat pump tune-up in Pearland, TX, it is crucial to providing your heating system with the TLC it needs in order to ensure that your unit runs smoothly. Even more, performing routine check-ups and seasonal maintenance services will result in your unit operating at peak performance, while keeping heating costs to a minimum.

There are more ways to lower your heating costs, including:

  • Ensure that your home is properly insulated.
  • Seal holes around plumbing and heating pipes.
  • Keep doors closed to rooms that you don’t use.
  • Use a ceiling fan to circulate warm air.
  • Replace faulty or worn caulking and weather-stripping around doors and windows.
  • Use a programmable thermostat to automatically reduce nighttime temperatures.
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