Whole Home Ventilation System

Whole Home Ventilation System

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Air Exchangers: Out With Pollutants, In With Naturally Fresher Air

Most modern homes are built to be airtight, which greatly decreases your heating and AC costs. However, while the seal keeps conditioned air in, it also keeps fresh air out, compromising your indoor air quality. Consider a whole home ventilation system to combat this. These air exchanger units effectively eliminate indoor air pollutants that get trapped indoors and can impact the health of you and your family, all without compromising your comfort.

heat exchanger with whole home ventilation in attic
Are whole house ventilation systems worth it?

Having an airtight home is great for keeping your energy bills low and improving the efficiency of your heating and AC units, but the downside is that you don’t get fresh air circulating in your home from outside. This is where a whole house ventilation system can be beneficial to your home. Whole house ventilation systems help to bring in fresh air, remove odors from your home and balance the humidity and temperature in your home, all of which are beneficial to your comfort and health.

What is the most effective ventilation system for a home?

There are a few different types of whole house ventilation systems you can choose from, and they can all benefit your home in different ways. When it comes to choosing the right whole house ventilation system for your home, exhaust ventilation is a good choice for colder climates, supply ventilation works well for hot climates, balanced ventilation can be useful for hot, cold and mixed climates, and energy recovery ventilation works best in extreme climates.

How does whole house ventilation work?

Whole house ventilation is a great way to help improve your indoor air quality. Air exchanger systems exchange your old air with fresh air from the outdoors, helping to get rid of odors in your home and balance your home’s temperature and humidity levels. During this process, the outdoor air coming in is filtered.

Expect Quality From Our Whole Home Ventilation Systems

Quiet Operation - Many people avoid investing in any ventilation system because they are afraid the fans within the system will cause a disturbance in their homes. However, the fans contained in our whole home ventilation systems operate smoothly and quietly.

Filters As It Works - Air exchanger systems, rather than filtering indoor air, exchange stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. During the exchange, the ventilation system filters pollutants out of the incoming air so you don’t need a secondary air filtration system.

Humidity Balancing - Our whole home ventilation systems can shave up to 45% from your air conditioning bills by removing humidity from the air during the air exchange process. In the winter, it can also retain desirable heat and humidity, saving up to 15% of your heating costs.

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