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Smart Thermostats

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Get The Benefit Of A Programmable Thermostat In Friendswood, TX

The unsung hero of any AC system is the thermostat, which sets the temperature and tells the AC when to run. Over the years, thermostat technology has developed from mercury thermostats to digital thermostats, and that advancement in technology has made it possible for Clear the Air to provide cutting edge smart thermostats that give you the ability to control your HVAC system remotely from your phone or tablet.

Reasons Why You Should Switch To A Smart Thermostat:

Cost savings: A considerable amount of money can be saved when you have a smart thermostat installed in your home. This is mainly because you can program the system around your schedule, using less air conditioning when no one's home. This can save you money on your energy bill without sacrificing any comfort.

Wi-Fi capabilities: Once you connect the thermostat to your home Wi-Fi network you can control the system from anywhere with the help of a phone, tablet or any other Wi-Fi enabled device. This is particularly useful if you're traveling and realize you didn't put your HVAC system into vacation mode before you left town.

Intelligence: Some smart thermostat systems have the ability to learn from your routine and make automatic adjustments to your temperature settings without you needing to realign the controls. This is exceptionally convenient for you - you can enjoy personalized comfort without spending any time adjusting the temperatures for your home.

Aligned to local weather: Many smart thermostats are set up to adjust indoor temperatures according to the weather at any particular time. This means you won't over-air condition on a cooler day or over-heat on a warmer day.

We Install All Thermostats

Over the years, Clear the Air has built up a robust reputation as the Friendswood area's premier HVAC specialist, due n part to our expertise with all kinds of thermostats, from traditional thermostats to programmable thermostats. Over the years we have come to prefer smart thermostats because of the many benefits they offer.

If you wish to replace your old thermostat with a smart one, we are happy to do it for you. The team at Clear the Air will work with you to choose the best thermostat for your home.

Maintenance Is Key

Like any other piece of equipment, thermostats can break down and require repairs. If you want to prevent repairs to your thermostat it is imperative that you maintain it regularly. Scheduling a maintenance check with us is the best way to detect any problems early on and nip them in the bud.

During a maintenance visit our experienced technicians will carry out a comprehensive check to see that all components of the system are working and in order. This will ensure the smooth performance of the thermostat as well as all other components of your HVAC system. 

Get Enhanced Comfort From A Smart Thermostat

Saddled with a thermostat that needs to be retired? Cleat the Air will be happy to replace it with a brand new, high-quality Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat. You can depend on us to do the job. Simply fill out our online form or call 281·612·1031 today.

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