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With Clear the Air Cooling & Heating on your side, attaining complete contentment is no sweat. From AC repairs to heating installations to HVAC unit maintenance, our team is dedicated to ensuring that your home comfort moves in with you—and establishes its residency for years to come.

Yes, an HVAC service plan is worth it in Alvin, TX. Some of the benefits of HVAC maintenance are: 

  • Your HVAC system is covered under warranty 
  • Your energy bills are lower 
  • Your HVAC system lasts longer 

Another benefit of regular maintenance is that your HVAC system breaks down less often. Additionally, most maintenance plans also provide discounts on repairs, making them very cost effective. To get your HVAC unit on a maintenance plan, contact us today

It costs around $150-$350 per year to service your HVAC system in Alvin, TX. HVAC service usually includes: 

  • A cleaning of your furnace and your AC unit 
  • An inspection of your furnace and AC unit’s moving parts 
  • A replacement of your air filters 

It is recommended that you have your HVAC serviced twice a year to get the most out of getting your HVAC system serviced. To learn more about getting your HVAC system serviced, give us a call today.

Your home air conditioning system’s evaporator coils should be cleaned at least once a year. If your air conditioner’s evaporator coils are dirty, it can cause your air conditioning system to run less efficiently and can cost you 30 percent more on energy. Fortunately, if your air conditioner is on a maintenance plan, your HVAC technician will typically clean your evaporator coils as part of your air conditioner’s regular maintenance. To get your air conditioning unit maintenanced, call us today

You can improve your indoor air quality by doing the following: 

  • Use your exhaust fans 
  • Open your windows to introduce fresh air 
  • Invest in an air purifier

Another thing you can do to promote good indoor air quality is to keep your home clean. Getting your HVAC system and air ducts checked for mold and dust is an additional measure you can take to promote good indoor air quality. Give us a call today to find out more about making your indoor air quality better.

An HVAC tune-up typically includes: 

  • A thorough cleaning of your furnace and AC unit
  • An inspection and lubrication of your furnace and AC unit’s parts
  • A replacement of your air filters 
  • Minor repairs 

Having your HVAC tuned up is a great way to get your system running more efficiently. Additionally, regular maintenance will help your system last longer and will keep your energy bills lower. To get your HVAC tuned up, contact us today

A few reasons you may want to replace rather than repair your HVAC system are: 

  • Your HVAC system is over 10 years old
  • Your energy bills have increased 
  • The price to repair your HVAC is more than the price to replace it

Sometimes repairing your HVAC system is a better option if your HVAC system is still fairly new. However, if your HVAC unit is reaching the end of its service life, it may be more cost effective to get it replaced rather than repaired. To get your HVAC system repaired or replaced, call us today

Wondering if your Alvin TX home’s AC condenser can be fixed or repaired? Call us today. We will help you find the right solution for you – even helping you find out if your ac condenser is under warranty!

Typically, AC Compressors in Alvin, TX will need to be replaced after they fail. The cost and time associated with repairing an AC compressor in Alvin are just not always feasible but it is possible given the abundant causes of compressor failure.

Wow! Do we ever get asked this one alot! The simple answer is to how much should “AC repairs cost in Alvin TX?” is that we need more information. Alvin TX AC Repair services will run the gambit of costs. The guy-in-a-truck technician simple doesn’t have the overhead to deal with nor the warranties on their work or sometimes not even a license to do the work needed. We strive for ‘value’.

  • We answer the phones 24/7 by a live person!
  • We have Saturday hours available
  • And, depending on the season can even offer you firm appointment times vs. blocks of time.

The bottom line is this. AC Repair Costs in Alvin TX are tough to quote over the phone or online. Call the office and one of our team members will do their best to get someone to your home to find out the real costs of making the Air Conditioning, Heating or Furnace Repair in your Alvin TX home. Don’t forget… the Diagnostic Charge is FREE if we complete the repair for you!

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Great job doing final prep of new mini split installation for a she shed. I used Clear the Air to install and maintain my home a/c system, it was an easy call to get them to help me prep a mini split system I installed myself. Robby was the consummate professional doing a leak check (it passed) and then vacuuming the lines for the Freon charge. I know whatever problem I have with the install will be my responsibility to fix, but thanks to Robby’s checkout, it looks as though I will be worry free.

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