The Dark Side of Home Warranties

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Disclaimer: This article is not meant to knock a particular home warranty company or person within. This was written as a glimpse of what goes on with home warranties and how it effects the home owner. Our experience of home warranty companies might not reflect what happens in other areas of the country.

As contractors, when we first start out learning the trade, it is drilled into us to never talk bad about other contractors or anyone else in the industry. However, it is very difficult for us as air conditioning professionals to be in the business of serving people while experiencing all the negative that surrounds home warranties and stay completely silent about it.

False Sense of Protection

Most consumers first get a taste of a home warranty because it was sold with their home when they moved into it. They then renew every year with the assumption of when something goes wrong with their home, it will be covered. Homeowners pay a service fee (deductible) the first time a service provider is dispatched by the warranty company to make a repair.

Every week we get many calls from uncomfortable homeowners who have a home warranty and they are in a panic. Most have been without air conditioning for 3+ days because the home warranty company and the approved contractor they recommend to come out can’t get to them for several days.

The devil is in the details.

Home warranty companies are not on the consumers side (nor the contractors side). They are NOT in business to spend money. They are simply an insurance company looking to protect their interests and reduce claims.

On the home warranty contract, there is some very fine print. Most of it states obvious reasons that a claim would not be approved. But a lot of people don’t see the deeper motives and issues surrounding their business model. Here are some helpful points you should consider before moving forward with signing a home warranty contract.

If you keep in mind the true cost of the warranty (contract premiums, deductibles, time spent on the phone arguing, delays and lack of quick resolution, dealing with less than stellar service companies, the fine print, agent kickbacks), you might want to rethink how to spend your hard earned money.

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