Trane Gas Furnace

High Quality, Reliable Heat is Possible With a Trane Gas Furnace

Trane furnaces can be relied upon to comfortably and reliably heat your home during the cold days of winter. Not only do they perform well they come with many options for energy efficiency.

Efficiency is indicated by the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency rating or AFUE. Trane and Clear the Air offers a variety of highly efficient gas furnaces, ranging from 80% to 95% efficiency. We also offer variable-speed and two-stage furnaces, which can greatly increase your comfort level.

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Yes, a Trane furnace is good. Some of the advantages of a Trane furnace include: 

  • It functions quietly
  • It is energy efficient
  • It breaks down less frequently  

Trane is a trusted brand because of how well their furnaces operate, but also because of the warranty they provide on their furnaces. If you are thinking about getting a Trane furnace installed in your home, contact us today to find out more. 

A Trane furnace typically costs around $3,500-$7,000. The price can be affected by the following: 

  • The kind of furnace you want 
  • The size of the furnace 
  • The cost of installation 

When it comes to purchasing a furnace, the price will generally increase as you begin to consider the higher end models that have smart technology. Getting a furnace with smart technology can help to keep your home temperature controlled in the most energy efficient manner. To get a Trane furnace installed, call us today

Trane furnaces usually last about 15-20 years. Like any type of furnace, a Trane furnace will last longer if it is regularly serviced. Regular servicing will allow your Trane furnace to run smoother and more efficiently. When your furnace is on a maintenance plan, its service life will be greatly extended and you will be assured that it is covered under warranty. Most furnace warranties require that your furnace is maintained by a licensed HVAC contractor on a regular basis, which makes furnace maintenance plans a worthwhile investment. To get a Trane furnace installed or on a maintenance plan, contact us today.  

Multi Stage Gas Furnaces For Increased Efficiency

Trane offers three-stage, two-stage, and single stage gas furnaces. Extra stages allow for better control of gas consumption. Variable speed furnaces also control the volume of air being pumped through the ventilation system.

In cool weather the lower stage uses a lower flow of gas and the blower runs at a lower peed. During colder weather the valve opens up to allow more gas to flow and produce more heat and the fan kicks into a higher speed to quickly move the warm are to where its needed. These features reduce the amount of gas and electricity consumed during the winter heating season.

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